Qingdao University Scholarship

07 Oct
Qingdao University

If you are applying for a Qingdao University Scholarship then you need to pay application fee 200 RMB only, the application fee is demanded by the administrative office of Qingdao University to the further processing of a student’s CSC scholarship application form .you will need some of the documents in the procedure of Qingdao University Scholarship as follows.

Passport photograph

  • Valid passport photocopy
  • Valid visa along with a photocopy
  • ID card
  • Health certified document
  • No criminal record certification
  • Language proficiency certificate in Chinese or English
  • Letter of guarantee by a legal guardian
  • A proof which satisfies that you have studied in China
  • Certificate of the previous school
  • Academic transcript of a graduation

 Qingdao University Scholarship – Online Application Process

 A student needs to create a profile on Qingdao University official website, fill the application correctly by adding all the details.

A student can submit the application form online or can make 2 sets of documents than could dispatch all the collected documents at the University address.

Qingdao University
 Qingdao University

Scholarship categories of China

  1. CSC Scholarship category A:

If a student applies through the embassy then it will be count in under category A.

  1. CSC Scholarship category B:

If you are applying through university it will be count in category B

  1. CSC Scholarship category C:

If you are applying through other sources would be count in category c.

After filling the Qingdao University scholarships  application form by anyone medium you have chosen, you need to submit your documents to the following state:

  • A Copy of passport which is quite cleared to see your picture and that page where the expiry date is displaying.
  • Financial Banking statement of your parents (any one of them)
  • Certificate of degree page should be displayed alongside courses detailed.
  • English proficiency certificate
  • You must submit a well-written research proposal to the Qingdao Universityapplication web page
  • Physical examination page for international students.
  • Recommendation approved by two of your professors on the separate 2 pages to be submitted online.

Submit for Qingdao University scholarship online application portal and wait for results.

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