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Welcome To Qingdao University

In our campus, you will be observing enormous volume of new experiments and perfections in your acamic years. Our academic team will always be there to get your mind to the height of new oppotunities and ideas for shaping your future. You will find ample of scholars achieveing appreciation from top organizations after getting academics from our university.

Quiet environment is the basic need of every student. The quiet environment is very necessary to understand the belongings and to cross the hurdles coming in the track of your career. Our university belongs to the traditional city of china where you can feel sitting yourself in the lap of nature.

The safety and health of our scholars comes in the top priorities of our faculty. you will stay in   24×7 in the coverage of CCTV camera and our experts will be observing all activities happening in all buildings of hostels. The hostels of Boys and girls are established in opposite direcion to ensure the safety and security.

We have planned the infrastructure of our campus while taking international students ion the priority.  Every year, Thousands of scholars are coming in our univeresity in the hope of shaping their future while expecting safe and comfortable environment. You will find the windswept rooms  with the facility of 24×7 Wi-fi for internet connectivity and a common room for sitting together in all buildings of hostel.


The history of our University starts from 109 years back in the cultural city of Qingdao,  in China. In the year 1908,  The representatives of Germany and China, named “Otto Frank”  who was a former scinologist fom from the univerity of Hamburg (German) and “Zhang Zhidong” the Minister of Education of Qing Empire, Composed a plan of opening a future shaping college serving people of China. The government of china arranged 40,000 and the government of Germany Organized About 60,0000 Marks for the startup of this College.

On the Historic Day of September-12-1909, A college with the collaboration of China and German officially comed in Existence. A german Geologist and Navy officer “George Keiper” was the first president of this university with the Enrollment of 400 Students in the first batch.

The medical Department of Chinese-German College was the forerunner of Medical college of Qingdao University which is presently functioning. With the long distance of working while undergoing through different harsh and soft conditions the government decided to found its own university. Then, in the year 1924, they founded their private university named “Qingdao university” which had gone through providing higher class education in the diciplines of science, arts, law, business, engineering and agricuture.

While undergoing the varois phases, The university had tied and breaked up with various colleges and universities like, Qingdao teachers training college, Shandong Textile Engineering College, Qingdao medical college and qingdao textile technical school.

Qingdao medical college, Qingdao teacher college, shangong textile engineering college  and Qingdao university, all were undergoing through the same management. And, in the year 1993, the history of Qingdao university was made successfully when these all colleges merged together to make a Boundless university with the official name of “Qingdao university.” Stepping towards with the new embitions, the university started its progress inviting international students to be the part of this Traditional university.

Who we are:

We are from Qingdao university, which is located at the peaceful and natural place where you can shape your future on the basis of your talent, dedication and cultivation.  We encourage international students and Socieities to paticipate in our annual functions to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for the students joining us from different cultures. We are from the management and admission team, wants to provide opportunities to the desired students looking to shape their career with the guidance of our experiences and hardwork.

In the starting of every academic year, a volume of student comes in our university to expand their wings to fly in the world of opportunities. We are going through various researches and experiments to  make our service more flexible and reliable for international students visiting in the hope of challenging career.

“We consider our teacher as after than our Parents”

Our expert teaching and management faculties are always there with their complete efforts to serve their best to the students. The academic staff motivates the students to grab the new opportunities to become in the priorities while crossing various challenging limits.

Research and experiements are the basic need of every student who is getting academics in any individual field of interest. Our teams are also there with research and experiment labs to avail the students with all the desired placements needed for their practices. Every year, our students goes through intenational experimental funtions for expanding their skills and knowledges with the other universities. Because, expanding knowledge is better thing of all time.

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