Welcome To Qingdao University

In our campus, you will be observing enormous volume of new experiments and perfections in your acamic years. Our academic team will always be there to get your mind to the height of new oppotunities and ideas for shaping your future. You will find ample of scholars achieveing appreciation from top organizations after getting academics from our university.

Quiet environment is the basic need of every student. The quiet environment is very necessary to understand the belongings and to cross the hurdles coming in the track of your career. Our university belongs to the traditional city of china where you can feel sitting yourself in the lap of nature.

The safety and health of our scholars comes in the top priorities of our faculty. you will stay in   24×7 in the coverage of CCTV camera and our experts will be observing all activities happening in all buildings of hostels. The hostels of Boys and girls are established in opposite direcion to ensure the safety and security.

We have planned the infrastructure of our campus while taking international students ion the priority.  Every year, Thousands of scholars are coming in our univeresity in the hope of shaping their future while expecting safe and comfortable environment. You will find the windswept rooms  with the facility of 24×7 Wi-fi for internet connectivity and a common room for sitting together in all buildings of hostel.


Qingdao univesity is providing benefits while offering ample of courese which will be beneficial for shaping their career for challenging the hassles…


Engineering is the growing up field of present decade. There are ample of students who want to dive in ocean of engineering with their…


Management is the basic need of every business. There are limitless companies who are demanding for the best professionals for…

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Well, it is not easy to gather all the qualities of our university on the single page. We can say, After stepping in our Univesity, you will discover the new ideas and strategies to sharpe your future as well as the comfort of living with the qualified and best faculty members of our hostels. Let us introduce you to the “Universe of Qingdao University” while grabbing its specifications in the single row:

Sports Complex

Sports are the basic need of every student’s life. There are ample of plysical and strategical games which can be counted as sports. Whenever the students needs some freshness, they mode towards the sports compex to refresh their mind. We are prividing a sports complex with huge area where the scholars can find their method of getting freshess. There are ample of games provided in the sports compex where students can heal their mind and soul with physical as well as strategical games.

Mess and Cafeteria

Well, we have specially focused on the foods facility for hostlers. As we know, we are inviting international students in our university, we also have to take interest in their culture and Cuisines also. we have appointed international chefs to prepare the meals with their experts hands for all of our hostlers. The students enjoys international meals according to their tastes and cuisines. For the morning and evening, the students can have energy drinks to boost their energy level.

Gym and Cardio

well, gym and cardio soothes the soul and mind of any person. Any teenager or adult wants to stay fit and healthy, they always want to add physical and heath activities in their daily routines. In our campus, you will find a GYM which will be well equipeed with the latet machinery or well mannered trainers. You will also be feeling entertained as you can hear the music according to your choice by putting your pendrive in any machine of the gym.

Wi – fi Service

Our mobiles and gadgets remains empty and less useful without the access of internet connectivity. Internet connectivity is being lifeline for our devices as well as for us. It is also helping us in our academics and studies. Well, following the same line, we have added Free Wi-Fi connections in all hostels and buidings of campus of our university, you can enjoy hassle freeand frequent internet connectivity for your academics as well as your personal use.


in every portion and Dicipline of our university, you will find a library with the addition of limitless books where you can gain countlss knowledge of all types of Diciplines. Every student of our university holds a special identity, using that identity they can step in to the university to gain knowledge from thousands of books and journals encouraging you to expand your wings to fly toward your future.


As being students, when we remain in our home, we have never used to do laundry ourselves. Most of the students comes with the keeping questions in mind of facility of laundry. For facilitating them for the same, we are providing laundry machines in the every building of hostel. The students can wash their clothes by putting them in automatic washing machine, resutatntly they can get washed and fresh clothes without any hassle.

Our Team

We have gathered  professional and experienced teams in every field of course. Theyare always there to serve you the best of their capacity and knowledge. We are appointing expertsto rise the stadard of your as well as our knowledge. Here ou can get knowledge about the experts which ar prividing their respective services to our unibversity:


 “L.A. Belfiore”

Professor “L.A. Belfiore” was appointed by state beaurau of foreign experts and central organization department. L.A. Belfiore is a professor in deptt. Of biological and chemical engineering at state university of colorado and hre is also a director of polymer physics center. He has got his bachelor degree from the stevens institute during 1972-1976. Then he started his study for doctoral degree in polymer science from university of Wisconsin.



Wang Jin-Hui, professor, MD & PhD. He has been honored to be a Gifted Scientist in Chinese Academy of Sciences and an Outstanding Young Scientist in National Natural Science Foundation. After got his PhD from Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Wang has been appointed as postdoctoral research scientist and tenure-tracked assistant professor in the United States, and full professor in Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It is quiet easy to find the qualified team, But we are here to shape your career while keeping you inside the hands of well-Experienced team of professors. All of our professors have limitless experiences in the Gignatic organiszations which are operating gobally. They have been appointed while going through many experiments and challenges in prority to handle all types hurdles coming in the steps of our scholars.